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An Introduction to the GRID Rules for SSDI Eligibility

  The GRID rules for SSDI refer to a “chart of eligibility” that was codified to help judges and lawyers identify the varying categories for an individual’s future employability. The Chart of Guidelines for the legal system has five columns and thus earned the “GRID” name. Ken Hiller and his team of attorneys are very […]

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Kenneth Hiller To Share His Info And Expertise On June 19th At The Social Security Guys Workshop

On Thursday, June 19th at 6:00 pm, Kenneth Hiller is taking part in an informational workshop as provided by the Western New York office of the “Social Security Guys.”  Each month, the Social Security Guys offer free workshops to individuals and families for help with retirement planning and understanding financial programs and benefits available.  Ken is […]

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Can I Get Disability For Hearing Loss?

If you qualify under the Social Security Administration’s definition of someone suffering from hearing loss, you may receive disability assistance. In most cases, your hearing loss must be profound or you must suffer from complete deafness in order to qualify as disabled. Qualifying for Assistance Generally, you can qualify for disability assistance if the social […]

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