Fair Credit Reporting Act

Enforcing Your Rights After a Credit Report Error

Many people believe that the information on their credit report is accurate — until they are denied a car loan or home mortgage, not offered a job, or turned down for an apartment. A mistake on your credit report can be costly.

If you have been unable to obtain financing, lost a job or were not offered a job because of incorrect information on your credit reports, you have recourse under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). At the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller, PLLC, our experienced Rochester, NY lawyers use this and other laws to help people who are victims of unfair and inaccurate credit reporting.

How Do Credit Reporting Errors Happen?

Prospective lenders, employers, landlords and other authorized users turn to credit reporting agencies such as Experian, Equifax and TransUnion for information about your credit history. This information is supposed to be accurate, but many credit reports contain errors.

  • If someone pulls your credit report without authorization, it can look like you applied for credit more often than you have.
  • The same debt may be listed more than once on your credit report, giving the appearance that you owe more than you do.
  • Your credit report may contain inaccurate delinquency reports that show you are behind on a debt that you are current on or that you already paid off.
  • Someone else’s information may be on your credit report. This often happens if two people have similar Social Security numbers.

Problems like these can lower your credit score, which could cause problems obtaining loans, possibly increase your interest rates if you obtain new debt, and result in insurance difficulties and denial of professional licenses.

How We Can Help

If you are the victim of unfair and inaccurate credit reporting, the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller, PLLC, can help you in several ways. Our attorneys can help you correct errors if reporting agencies or banks fail to correct faulty information. If you suffered financial harm because of the errors on your credit report, you may eligible for financial compensation under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

If you prevail in a claim against a credit reporting agency or a business, the FCRA provides for payment of your attorney’s fees. As a result, we will not charge fees unless we obtain compensation for your claim.

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