Mental Conditions

Patients with severe OCD may benefit from brain surgery

Recent research suggests a new type of brain surgery may help patients suffering from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). This procedure is designed to help patients with the medical condition that haven’t responded to traditional forms treatment, which includes medications and psychotherapy. The research was conducted on a test-basis and involved a small sample group. The […]

Exhibit celebrates art and disability

When many people think of art and disability, they think of people with disabilities who create art as a form of therapy to deal with their serious medical impairments, rather than the work of professional artists and exhibits at galleries. While art can be great therapy for people struggling with disabilities or other challenging situations, it […]

Potential Alzheimer’s drug fails in testing

Alzheimer’s disease affects nearly 5 million people in the United States. Although it is thought of as a disease affecting mostly older people, the debilitating and progressive disease can affect people in their working years. In these people, the disease is called early-onset or younger-onset Alzheimer’s, and it is serious enough that the federal government […]

Insurance companies provide uneven autism coverage

Experts say that early intervention is important to effectively treat autism spectrum disorders. Behavioral, occupational and speech therapy may be required to treat the behavioral and social challenges that children with autism often have. These treatments are expensive, and they are not always covered by insurance. According to Autism Speaks, an advocacy organization, 32 states […]