Kenneth Hiller Answering Questions On WBEN Radio 930

Recently our founding attorney, Kenneth Hiller, was a guest on the Social Security Guys radio show on WBEN Radio 930am. Ken was there to answer questions regarding Social Security Disability from callers and from the Social Security Guys themselves. The show went great and Ken was able to help many people with their disability questions […]

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Kenneth Hiller Talking Social Security On WBEN

Kenneth Hiller will be a guest on the Social Security Guys show on WBEN Radio 930AM Buffalo this Saturday from 1pm to 2pm taking questions on and talking about Social Security Disability. If you have any questions related to Social Security Disability now is your time to get them answered by an experienced attorney from […]

Important Information on Social Security Disability From Kenneth Hiller

Between a log jam of back claims and judges denying more disability claims than ever before it is more important than ever that you hire the right attorney to fight for you. Here at the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller we have helped thousands of people get the benefits they deserve. I have been fighting […]

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A Short Message From Kenneth Hiller On Veterans Disability

Here at the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller we believe that our veterans deserve the best possible legal representation when they are fighting to get the benefits they deserve. We will fight as hard and as long as it takes to get you those benefits. Winning a veterans disability claim has become more difficult. Without […]

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How Does The Law Protect Me From Data Breaches?

There have been multiple reports of consumer data breaches at some of the nation’s larger retailers. Data breaches can happen if a retailer is hacked, an employee discloses the information, or information is improperly or insufficiently encrypted or stored. One of the biggest dangers of a consumer data breach is identity theft. This is because the […]

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Social Security Disability And Diabetes

Social Security disability assistance is usually available for people suffering for various serious conditions that limit their ability to work. If you suffer from diabetes, you may qualify for Social Security assistance if you can show the effects of the disease on your work life. The assistance you receive can make a significant difference, as […]

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What You Can Do If You Are Being Sued For Credit Card Debt

Receiving a notice that you are being sued by a credit card company or a debt collector can seem like a never ending nightmare; it places you further financially responsible for the debt you originally couldn’t cover. However, in some situations, you may be able to take a bad situation and turn it around by […]

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