Supplemental Security Income

Appealing a Social Security Administration decision

For many applicants, the decision to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income(SSI) is the first step down a long road. Though these two programs have several key differences, there is one big similarity between them: the application and appeals process, which can often be protracted. That’s because the initial application into either […]

Supplemental Security Income And Loans

Supplemental security income (SSI) benefits are available to people based on their economic circumstances.  How much money a person has or receives can affect the amount of benefits they are eligible to receive, including making them ineligible for the program.  Working while receiving benefits can affect eligibility, as can receiving or loaning money, which can […]

Travel Expenses Paid As Part Of SSI Application

After an applicant submits an application for supplemental security income, he or she may be required to submit to some medical tests or exams to determine their eligibility for benefits. Although the monthly benefits awarded largely come from the federal government, the states may coordinate the testing for eligibility.   In New York, an applicant’s […]

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What Are SSI Overpays?

Many people depend on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and do not realize that they have an obligation to notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) when there is a change in the recipient’s circumstances that could affect his or her eligibility to receive SSI. At some point, the SSA will learn about the change in circumstances […]


A Few Things You Should Know About Social Security Disability

Today we decided to put together a blog post covering few things that a person needs to know about Social Security disability  if they are considering applying for benefits. The following information is based on some frequently asked questions regarding the disability program. Here at the Law Offices Of Kenneth Hiller we strive to educate our […]

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Special program put students’ disability benefits at risk

Raising a child with developmental disabilities or other disabilities is difficult and can be a financial strain on the family. That’s why disability benefits such as SSI for children and other benefits are available to families. These benefits programs often have strict financial requirements, which forces families to handle their finances carefully to avoid jeopardizing their child’s […]