Defense Against Credit Card Lawsuits

Protecting Your Rights in Credit Card Debt Lawsuits

If you have received a summons from your credit card company or a debt collector, you may be wondering what to do next. Your first step should be to call a lawyer. If you are being sued by a credit card company over an unpaid debt, you may have a short period of time to act. At the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller, PLLC, our Rochester, NY attorneys will provide you with an experienced defense against credit card lawsuits.

Fighting Credit Card Suits

It can be easy to fall behind on credit card payments in these difficult economic times. If you have overdue credit card debt, your credit card company can file a lawsuit on its own or it can sell the right to collect on the debt to another company. This other company, called a debt buyer, then has the ability to sue you.

At the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller, PLLC, our attorneys will dig deep into your situation to find potential defenses to the suit. We will examine:

  • Whether a valid contract exists
  • Whether penalties and changes in interest rates were legal
  • Whether you were harassed by abusive debt collection practices

If you have been sued by a credit card company, collection agency or debt buyer, contact an attorney right away, even if your lender promises to make a deal with you. If you delay responding to the suit, your creditor may obtain a default judgment in court. Once a default judgment is in place, it can be more difficult to avoid frozen bank accounts and wage garnishments.

Help With Default Judgments

If a creditor has already obtained a default judgment, our attorneys may still be able to help you. We will examine whether the creditor obtained the default judgment because the summons was incorrectly served, whether the suit was brought on time and other potential defenses.

Free Initial Consultation From the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller, PLLC

The important thing to remember is that you can take action to protect yourself from abusive and illegal practices in credit card debt collection. To learn about your rights and discuss your potential claim, call 877.236.7366 or contact us through our secure online form.