Can I Work While on SSDI?

Sound Advice on Disability and Work

If you are like many people who are pursuing a claim for Social Security Disability (SSD), you may be wondering whether you should also seek a job. You may also have questions about whether trying to work will affect your SSD application and whether you can work while on disability.

At the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller, PLLC, you can find answers to these and other questions about your SSD application. Before you seek work, arrange a free consultation with one of our lawyers in the Rochester, NY area to learn how your decision could affect your chances of being approved for disability benefits. Call 800.300.2990 or contact us online.

About Social Security Disability and Working

The most important point to remember when you are deciding whether to return to work is that your health comes first. We recommend that you consult with your doctor before making any decisions. If your doctor says that working would harm your health, you should listen to him or her.

If, on the other hand, you are given medical approval to try to work again, seeking a job may help your Social Security Disability claim.

  • If you successfully enter or return to the workforce, you will probably earn more money than you would receive through SSD. Under regulations and laws on collecting Social Security disability and working, you may be able to collect benefits for up to nine months after you return to work.
  • If you are unable to work, your disability claim may be strengthened. We will be able to show that you made a serious attempt to work, but that your disability is too severe.

Our law firm does not typically discourage people from attempting to work while they seek disability benefits, but every situation is different. Before you make a decision, we encourage you to seek our advice.

Working After Receiving Disability Benefits

Once you are approved for disability benefits, you may not continue to receive benefits if you are involved in substantial gainful activity that earns you more than a certain amount per month. There are exceptions to this, however, including the Social Security Administration’s trial work regulation.

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