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Taking Social Security Disability Assistance While Working

Generally, people who are receiving disability assistance have a disabling impairment that keeps them from working. However, a person receiving SSD assistance may still be able to work if they feel up to it, and still not be disqualified from receiving payments. The Social Security Administration has several programs designed to help SSD assistance recipients […]

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Receiving Both Veterans Disability And Social Security Disability Benefits

In this video, we discuss receiving both Veteran’s disability benefits and Social Security disability benefits at the same time. If you are a veteran with an injury or illness connected to your military service, you may be eligible for both Veteran and Social Security disability benefits. Contact us today at 877.236.7366 to schedule a free consultation.

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Social Security Disability Dependent Benefits

Social Security Disability benefits are generally available to qualifying people who suffer a disability that limits their ability to work for a year or more.  For adults the approval for benefits comes after a determination that the person meets the criteria for disability.  Once approved for benefits, it is possible for a recipient’s children or […]

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Evidence for Social Security Disability Cancer Claims

Social Security disability benefits are not only just for people who have a physical disability. Benefits can also be distributed to individuals who have an illness or are suffering from a debilitating illness that inhibits their ability to work. One of the broadest category of illnesses that may be warrant Social Security disability benefits is […]

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Winning your Social Security Disability Claim When You Suffer From a Mental Impairment

Sometimes proving that you are disabled for purposes of receiving Social Security disability (SSD) benefits is relatively simple. The best cases are those where the claimant suffers from a physical impairment that is found in the listings or is equal in severity to a listed condition and is backed up by a complete medical record. […]

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Criminal Convictions and Social Security Disability Payments

Criminal convictions can affect many areas of a person’s life, including the ability to receive Social Security disability payments. Generally, eligibility for Social Security disability is based on a person working and paying Social Security taxes for at least 10 years. A person also needs to have a qualifying disability that lasts for 12 or […]

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Kenneth Hiller Answering Questions On WBEN Radio 930

Recently our founding attorney, Kenneth Hiller, was a guest on the Social Security Guys radio show on WBEN Radio 930am. Ken was there to answer questions regarding Social Security Disability from callers and from the Social Security Guys themselves. The show went great and Ken was able to help many people with their disability questions […]

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Important Information on Social Security Disability From Kenneth Hiller

Between a log jam of back claims and judges denying more disability claims than ever before it is more important than ever that you hire the right attorney to fight for you. Here at the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller we have helped thousands of people get the benefits they deserve. I have been fighting […]

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