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Veterans and Disability Benefits: How Our Firm Can Help

In this video, Kenneth Hiller talks about Social Security Disability and Veterans’s Benefits. If you are thinking of applying for disability benefits, have had your claim denied or are a veteran who has suffered an injury, illness or disease related to your service, please call us today at 800.300.2990 to schedule a free consultation. Put our […]

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Veterans Appeals Through A Decision Review Officer

Applying for benefits for an illness or injury that happened as a result of a person’s service in the military is not as straightforward as one may expect.  The process is sometimes complicated by backlogs in processing claims.  Denials are not uncommon even when the veteran clearly qualifies for benefits, and the right result is […]

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The Veterans Disability Claims Process Explained

In this video, we talk about the Veterans Disability Claims Process and what goes into applying for VA benefits. At the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller, PLLC, our veterans benefits attorneys can represent you through your initial claim and both your first and second appeals, if necessary. Please contact us today to discuss your case and […]

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The Nature Of Discharge And Its Effect On Veterans’ Benefits

Generally, when a service member gets injured and is disabled as a result of their service, there may be an assumption that the government would be able to provide assistance in terms of veterans’ disability benefits.  However, veterans’ disability benefits are only available to veterans who left their service under certain conditions.  This can often […]

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A Short Message From Kenneth Hiller On Veterans Disability

Here at the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller we believe that our veterans deserve the best possible legal representation when they are fighting to get the benefits they deserve. We will fight as hard and as long as it takes to get you those benefits. Winning a veterans disability claim has become more difficult. Without […]

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